Nextstars Football Academy

Nextstars Football Academy

Training program at the Football Academy with accommodation

Together with the  we offer a great opportunity for young players from 12 to 22 years old to start their career in Spain, by enrolling in the high-level Football Academy with accommodation and education in the Academy secondary boarding school in Cadiz. At the Academy each player will receive an individual approach to his talent and development.

There are two programs of stay at the Nexstars Football Academy. The long-term program is a full year of training and the short-term program is a three-month training course.

The big advantage is that your child will receive a European school secondary education and will achieve significant success in football. Parents often have to put up with missing school classes and lack of time for lessons, choosing a sports career for a child. The Academy boarding school solves all these problems, professionally combining secondary and football education. The diplomas that our graduates receive are recognized in many countries. It is possible to get higher education in many institutions of the European Union.

THE Nextsrtars FOOTBALL ACADEMY – is a Spanish international football academy opened in 2000. The Academy with a boarding school and a high-quality training process, balanced nutrition and recovery in its own rehabilitation center, education in a secondary boarding school, under the patronage of the City Hall. The Academy issues a Spanish residence permit for studies. If a player makes the team, then he is helped in getting a license. The player plays official matches either in the main or in the second team.


Additional opportunities:
  • Training camps for teams at the Academy
  • Children’s and youth sports camps at the Academy
  • Internship and individual training for the season at the Academy
  • Participation in summer tournaments and friendly matches in Spain
Nextstar Академия футбола спроживанием
Nextstars Academy

THE Nextstars INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY offers vocational training with accommodation in the Academy sports boarding school under the following program (included in the price):

  • Daily 2 training as scheduled at the International Academy
  • Theory classes at the Football Academy
  • Recreational activities at the Academy
  • Access to the fitness room and pool for Academy players
  • Test and official football matches
  • Accommodation in the Academy residence in rooms for 1-2 people
  • Meals in the residence of the International Academy boarding school
  • Wi-Fi throughout the residence of the Academy boarding school
  • The residence of the Academy boarding school is heated in winter
  • Education in a public comprehensive secondary school
  • Learning Spanish with teachers at the Academy
  • Obtaining a residence permit for studies
  • Health insurance with maximum coverage
  • Participation in official club competitions under the aegis of the RFEF
  • Branded club kit

The program does not include:

  • Flight to Cadiz
  • Obtaining a student visa type D
  • Accommodation for parents

Заявка в Академию Nextstars

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